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CDA Control Droplets Applicator Volpi M3V
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  • Good for herbicides application
  • produces 250 micron regular drops
  • 10 Litres 
  • Requires 2 PCS 1.5V Battery 
  • Working Hour: 7 - 9 Hours 
  • 1.5 m Swath Depend on Work Height 
  • Made in Italy
  • Remarks: Battery contained items are UNABLE shipped by air freight. So if you are from East Malaysia and Oversea, please drop your order to us by email (e_sales@junchongmarketing.com).The shipping charges will be recalculated and different from this platform.

The working of this sprayer is based on the modern and cheap "ultra low water addition controlled drop system" which allows a localized and uniform distribution of the product. the very small and optimal drops (250 microns) allow to cover the area to be treated eliminating all the wastes caused by the poor contact (too big drops) and by vaporization (too small drops) of the product. 


Light weight and light operation. Good for herbicides application. It produces 250 micron regular drops, which increase the impact on the whole plant favoring a regular distribution. 


It can apply for Ultra Low Volume Spray (25 L/Ha) to Very Low Volume Spray (30 L/Ha) depend on nozzles selection, and it allows a lot of time saving (Refill Time) to increase worker spraying productivity


The Diffusion Disc able to controlled size of drops and covering circular surfaces having a 1.2 - 1.5 m diameter, according to the work height. We recommend to try it on flat surface.

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