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Battery Operated Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
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This is Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer. This battery sprayer is useful for the spraying of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and more require sophisticated spraying media (Low Volume Spray to High Volume Spray).

  1. It is useful for complicated spraying jobs.
  2. Hand-free for pumping to create pressure and save workers energy.
  3. It can easily help users to improve the spraying quality and increase their spraying productivity up to 30% – 40% due to the light and convenient operation.

** Remarks: Please be informed that 1 order is for 1 unit only. If you want to order more, please order separately. Thank you.









  1. The Spraying Lance (MB/46-20” 2G) and nozzle 248-1/16” screwed on the Automatic Release [321/CPT (P1)].
  2. Before spraying, check all the joints are tightened properly with a washer to ensure no leaking.
  3. Fill the chemical mixture into the sprayer tank through the Strainer (IEM-DC11) to filtrate the dirt and sediments.
  4. Shoulder Strap (IEM-DC27) are adjustable to ensure Operator’s comfort in the fieldwork.
  5. To carry the sprayer, the shoulder strap hook can be hooked on both sides of the base of the tank.
  6. Press the On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button, press down ( | ) to on the power, and adjust the Control Power Switch (IEM-DC2) to control the flow.
  7. To off the power, press up (0) on the On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button. Attention: Turn off the Control Power Switch (IEM-DC2) is not power off, power is still on if the On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button does not press up (0) off.


Steps To Identify EKatak-16L Problems

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What's in the box

1 x EKATAK 16L battery sprayer

1 x Adjustable Fan Jet Nozzle 

1 x P1 Strainer (50 Mesh) for Chamber 

1 x Spraying Lance 20'' with Goose Head 

1 x Catalogue Manual